Today in Christian History – June 26

1984 – Noble Alexander, a Seventh Day Adventist pastor, steps off a plane in Washington D.C. after spending twenty-two years in Castro’s prisons because of his faith.

Throughout his incarceration, Alexander endured physical and psychological torture. His cellmates included rats, cockroaches, snakes, and lizards. Prison authorities slapped Alexander so hard he still hears ringing in his ears. He suffered food poisoning from eating maggot-ridden gruel. He lost consciousness being dunked in an icy lake while bound. He passed out three times from the pain of being whipped with electrical cables. He sustained gunshot wounds in his hand, leg, and thigh.

„No one can be truly certain of his faith and endurance until he is forced to test them,” Alexander says.

Despite the abuse, Alexander organized underground churches in prison. „Baptist, Seventh-day Adventist, Presbyterian, Methodist, Catholic—our fellowship recognized no boundaries,” Alexander writes in I Will Die Free (Pacific Press, 1991).

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