Religion & Politics – Why Donald Trump Is Losing Catholic Voters

„Why are Catholics, unlike their white evangelical counterparts, rejecting Trump’s candidacy so decisively? Perhaps Trump’s calls for border walls and mass deportations, as well as his uncharitable rhetoric about immigrants, are some of the reasons for Catholics’ lack of enthusiasm for the nativist hardliner. After all, immigration remains an integral part of American Catholic experience. The U.S. bishops have long advocated strongly for comprehensive immigration reforms that Trump repudiates. Whether from personal memory or family history, the experience of emigrating from a Catholic culture—whether in Italy, Ireland, Latin American, or elsewhere—to a predominantly Protestant, English-speaking country unites U.S. Catholics from a multitude of backgrounds. […]

Moreover, there is one caveat in talking about the “Catholic vote,” and that is that the vote itself is not monolithic. Much like the phrase “evangelical,” the Catholic label in surveys is often not very useful on its own. American Catholics were once more coherently united behind a basic set of doctrinal beliefs, political attitudes, and religious practices. American Catholicism today is much more diverse. Any meaningful analysis of “the Catholic vote” needs some measure of religiosity (doctrinal beliefs, frequency of church attendance or prayer, etc.). Among U.S. Catholics, there exists significant variation in political preferences based on income, educational attainment, race, and frequency of Mass attendance.”

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